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A Complete List Of Texas Driver License Endorsements In Texas

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There aren’t many driver license endorsements in Texas once a complete review of the list is available.  However, the endorsements are very important in that if they are violated it can cause substantial damage to a driving record.  For example, driving a commercial vehicle without the proper endorsement can cause many different types of criminal charges to be brought against the driver.  The complete list of endorsements is listed below for your review.  If you would like to discuss driver license endorsements with our experienced Dallas ticket attorneys after reading this article, feel free to contact our office today at 214-321-4105.

The types of endorsements an individual can apply for are listed in the chart below:

Endorsement Code


H Authorizes the transportation of Hazardous Material (CDL only)
N Authorizes the operation of a tank vehicle (CDL or CLP only)
P Authorizes the operation of a vehicle transporting passengers (CDL or CLP only)
S Authorizes the operation of a school bus (CDL or CLP only)
T Authorizes towing two (double) or three (triple) trailers over a specified weight
X Authorizes the operation of a combination of hazardous material and tank vehicle (CDL only)