Driver License Suspensions For Traffic Ticket Convictions In Texas

Hire A Lawyer For A Driver License Suspension Hearing


There are many reasons why The Department Of Public Safety (“DPS”) can take enforcement action against a Texas driver to try and take away their driving privileges.  One of the most common reasons is due to traffic ticket convictions reported to DPS.  Many don’t realize just how strict Texas is with regard to traffic ticket convictions until it is too late.  This article is intended to help outline how traffic ticket convictions can cause a driver license suspension hearing and what a lawyer can to do to assist those dealing with a driver license suspension issue.  If you would like to contact our lawyers that defend driver license suspensions after reading this article, contact us at 214-321-4105.

Driver License Suspension Hearing Lawyer

Driver License Suspension Hearing Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Convictions In  Texas And How They Impact Your Driving Privileges

Texas is on a points system.  What that means is that every single moving violation that is reported to DPS as a conviction will be assessed points against that person’s driving record.  Too many points equals the possible suspension of that person’s driver license.  The points in general are monitored as follows:

A driver license will automatically be suspended if an individual is convicted of:

  1. Four or more moving traffic violations within a 12-month period, or
  2. Seven or more moving traffic violations within a 24-month period.

Individuals who have been convicted of at least two offenses for a violation that conflicts with a restriction or endorsement printed on their driver license are also subject to a suspension or disqualification.

Objecting To A Driver License Suspension In Texas

After you get a notice of enforcement action from DPS for a suspension due to traffic ticket convictions, you have the right to object to the suspension.  You can object to a driver license suspension online or by fax.  Either way you decide to object, make sure that you keep a copy of the objection you file.  The process is delicate in that if you do not object to a driver license suspension, it will become automatic.  This is why we suggest that you contact an attorney that is experienced in defending driver license suspension in Texas.  To discuss your driver license suspension with our attorneys, call 211-321-4105.