Get An Attorney For Warrants In Grand Prairie

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Get A Lawyer For Warrants In Grand Prairie

Get A Lawyer For Warrants In Grand Prairie

Have you started your search to get an attorney in Grand Prairie to lift warrants?  Do you need to know the process of how an attorney removes warrants and what happens after the warrants are lifted in Grand Prairie?  This article is intended to outline the general processes of getting a warrant lifted in Grand Prairie and what you can expect to have happen after the warrant is removed.  If you would like to discuss your case with our lawyers in Grand Prairie that lift warrants after reading this article, feel free to contact us today at 214-321-4105.


How Do Tickets Go Into Warrant In Grand Prairie?

Every ticket that is issued by a Grand Prairie Police Officer has an appearance date on it.  That is actually why you have to sign the ticket.  The signature is not an admission of guilt.  It is just a promise to contact Grand Prairie Municipal Court regarding the citation within a certain period of time.  The least amount of time a court can give to contact them is 10 days by law.  Thereafter, a warrant can be issued after the mail box rule timeline passes.  Normally another 10 days.  So, the warrant has very little to do with the ticket itself.  The facts do not matter, nor does the charge.  The only thing that matters to issue a warrant in Grand Prairie Municipal Court is that the appearance date has passed.


Getting The Warrant Lifted In Grand Prairie

Lifting the warrants is relatively easy for an attorney to do.  They must file a bond with Grand Prairie Municipal Court to remove the warrant.  A bond is a promise made by the attorney in Grand Prairie with the court that they will not miss anymore court dates and will appear when commanded on behalf of the client to any newly scheduled court dates.  If that promise is broken, they can be sued on the bond for the full amount of the fine.


Once the Bond is accepted by Grand Prairie Municipal Court and the warrant is lifted by an attorney, the case then proceeds as a normal case would.  The attorney who lifted your warrant can attend all hearings on your behalf in most cases without you needing to attend with them.  That means you do not have to take off of work or school to resolve your ticket.  This is usually a big part of why the case went into warrant in the first place.  By letting the lawyer attend court for you, the stress of missing another court date is taken away.  The lawyer will also have the ability to negotiate the best deal available for you in order to keep the case from going back into warrant and attempting to protect your record.  If you would like to discuss warrants in Grand Prairie with our legal team, contact us today at 214-321-4105