How To Get Your License Renewed When It Has Been Denied Under The Failure To Appear Program In Texas

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If you have a driver license hold on the renewal of your driving privileges in Texas there are certain steps you must take to ensure that you do not do more harm to yourself trying to get the hold removed.  Our Dallas traffic ticket lawyers have seen too many instances to count where people have caused severe financial harm to themselves in the process of removing a driver license hold.  This article is intended to help those that want to remove a driver license renewal hold for outstanding traffic tickets in Texas.  If you would like to discuss your driver license status with our experienced team of paralegals and attorneys after reading this article, feel free to contact our office at 214-321-4105.

Driver License Suspension Lawyer

Driver License Suspension Lawyer

How Is A Hold Placed On The Renewal Of A Person’s Driver License In Texas?

When a person is issued a traffic ticket in Texas, there is a requirement on the citation to contact the court within a specific time period.  The least amount of time a court can give a person by law is 10 days from the date that the offense is issued.  If a person does not contact the court within that time and ignores the ticket for a substantial amount of time, then that court can report the violation in accordance with the Texas Failure To Appear Program.  This program allows for courts to place a hold on the person’s ability to renew their driver license when it comes up for renewal.  The hold isn’t placed on the license due to guilt or innocence.  It is simply for that person ignoring the citation.  So basically, if you have a hold on your license under the Texas Failure To Appear Program, it is because you ignored the ticket for too long.

How To Remove A Hold On A Person’s Driver License For Failure To Appear

The only way to remove the hold on a person’s driver license under this program without causing a conviction, surcharges, increased insurance rates or further suspension of a person’s driving privileges is to have an attorney post what is referred to as an appearance bond.  This bond removes any warrant that could be issued and resets the case as to the beginning as if it was never past due.  Then, a fee must be paid to the state that is referred to as an omni fee.  This fee is normally $30.00 and paid to directly to the court.  After it is paid, the court must send a release to DPS removing the hold on the license.  Thereafter, a person can renew their license.

The reason why this method is so important to follow is because it allows the lawyer that defends driver license suspensions to keep the license and record of that individual in good standing.  If the tickets are just paid to remove the hold, each one will be reported as a conviction and could cause serious financial penalties in the form of surcharges to occur.  Take the time to talk with a lawyer familiar with the OMNI and Texas Failure To Appear system before you decide what route to take.  It could save you thousands of dollars.