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Richardson Traffic Ticket Attorneys


If you have been stopped and issued a traffic ticket in Richardson, Texas there are a few considerations you need to take into account if you value your driving privileges.  Further, as a result of traffic ticket convictions our Richardson traffic ticket attorneys have seen Texas residents pay increased rates for insurance coverage on their vehicles.  Also, a bad driving record can cost you money in the form of surcharges handed down by The State Of Texas.  This article is intended to help those that have been issued a traffic ticket in Richardson, Texas understand the basics of traffic ticket defense and what to be aware of when protecting your driving record.  If you would like to talk with our Richardson ticket lawyers after reading this article, feel free to contact us at 214-321-4105.

Hire A Richardson Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Hire A Richardson Traffic Ticket Lawyer

How Texas Takes Away Your Driving Privileges For Bad Driving Records

Every single traffic ticket that does not get defended, ends up going on a person’s permanent driving record.  When a traffic ticket is reported as a conviction by Richardson Municipal Court it gets assessed points against your driving record.  These points are monitored by The Department Of Public Safety In Texas in an effort to regulate unsafe driving habits.  If a person gets too many points, then they will get a driver license suspension notice.  If the notice is ignored, the person’s driver license will be suspended automatically at the expiration of the time to object listed in the notice of suspension.  If the suspension is objected to, then a hearing will be set in Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Place 2 for a formal hearing.  Justice of The Peace Precinct 3-2 is located at the following address:

  • 1411 W Belt Line Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

The point is not to let the problem get this bad.  It reinforces the fact that every traffic ticket in Richardson, Texas must be defended.  There are too many important privileges attached to our driving privileges in Texas not to treat each ticket issued in Richardson with the proper regard.

Hire A Traffic Ticket Attorney In Richardson

When you hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Richardson, Texas you are able to lean on the knowledge and experience of that attorney to increase the probability of protecting your record.  That extra layer of protection can make all the difference in the world.  Always take the time to discuss your traffic tickets in Richardson with an experienced Richardson ticket lawyer.  To talk with our Richardson traffic ticket lawyers call 214-321-4105.