What is an Occupational Drivers License?

Attorney that Helps Obtain Occupational Drivers License


Driving is a privilege, not a right. The privilege to drive can be taken away and the process to get it back may be a lengthy one. Suspensions can be placed on a drivers license for a certain time frame or indefinitely. The Texas Department of Public Safety will outline certain requirements that must be met in order to lift the suspensions. There are cases where the only thing to do to lift the suspension is to serve the time. That means that the license will remain suspended during the suspension. However, there is the option of obtaining a special license that returns the privilege to drive. This special license is called an occupational drivers license. This article looks to further explain the benefits as well as the restrictions on an occupational drivers license. If after reading this article, you would like a consultation regarding obtaining an occupational drivers license, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 214-321-4105 or by submitting an Occupational Drivers License Questionnaire to our office.

Benefits and Advantages of Obtaining an Occupational Drivers License

Obtaining an occupational drivers license has several benefits. The first is that by obtaining a valid occupational drivers license, you stop any further damage to the regular drivers license. When you have a suspended license and you obtain an conviction, the Texas Department of Public Safety can then extend the length of the suspension or add another. This could become an endless cycle of not driving with a valid license which then turns into traffic tickets that could turn into convictions. An occupational drivers license puts a stop to the cycle and prevents the problem from getting any bigger.

Another advantage of obtaining an occupational drivers license is that it will also allow the time necessary to comply with any conditions for the suspensions on the regular license. It is important to understand that an occupational drivers license is just a quick fix; it will not last forever. It is crucial that the regular license not be overlooked. Anything that is holding back the license such as, old tickets, surcharges, or suspensions must be taken care of while you have the occupational drivers license.

Restrictions when Driving with an Occupational Drivers License

An occupational is an essential needs license. This means that this license does have restrictions that must be followed in order to prevent losing the license. One of the restrictions is the length of time allotted to drive. With an occupational drivers license the amount of time allowed to drive is 12 hours every 24 hour period. The 12 time frame can be designated for a set time. For example, it could be okay to drive between 9 AM to 9 PM. There is another options for people who have more irregular schedules. A log book is created to document when the individual is behind the wheel. This allows for driving through out the entire day; however, the sum of the time driving cannot exceed 12 hours.

Another important restriction for an occupational license does not apply to everyone. If you previously had a commercial drivers license and are now obtaining an occupational drivers license this applies to you. With an occupational drivers license, you will not be allowed to operate any commercial vehicles.  An occupational drivers license is the equivalent of a Class C license meaning that an occupational license will only allow the driving conditions that a Class C license would.

Contact an Attorney for a Consultation for an Occupational Drivers License

Attorney that Helps Obtain Occupational Drivers License

Obtaining an occupational drivers license is not a difficult process. It can be a bit tedious and it could be misunderstood. An attorney is able to make sense of the path and help navigate the way to obtain an occupational drivers license. It is a beneficial tool that when used adequately can help lessen the effects of a suspended license. If after reading this article you have questions regarding how you can obtain an occupational drivers license, please contact our office today to set up a consultation with an attorney.